UAE is one of the most preferred destinations for many in search of jobs. As a tourist attraction too, UAE is visited often. A company operating from UAE has frequent visa requirements. We enable a streamlined, error free and easy visa processing service for companies in UAE. There are different types of visas that are issued by the government of UAE. These depend on the type of visit and the reason and duration of stay in the country.

Depending on the nature of business, the visa requirements also change. One needs to first decide whether the visa is to be applied directly through the embassy or through an agent. Applying through an agent is easier and reduces various hassles including preparing the documents and doing the necessary paperwork. The document requirement varies based on the type of visa, but there are some uniform and common documents all visa applicants must necessarily produce, which are:

Visa application form Passport copy of applicant Passport copy of sponsor Employment contract (if applicable) Travel insurance documents Flight reservation details Photograph Payment receipt of Visa fees Proof of residence of acquaintance in UAE (if applicable)

Team Fame is a trusted partner enabling quick processing, end to end documentation and easy hassle free procedure in visa services. Our services include labour card renewal, visa stamping, visa renewal, visa cancellation etc.

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