Virtual offices are changing the way business is conducted around the globe. With reduced costs and offering a lot of flexibility, organizations are looking at utilizing this option in many of the major cities. Started as a viable and economical business idea for startups, nowadays virtual offices are being tried by even big companies. Through virtual office, one rents a preexisting office space with all the necessary amenities without having to go through the hassle of building the same. For example, companies wishing to have a branch office in UAE and having required manpower already in place need not have to set up an entire office space with furnished interiors and facilities. They can rent a virtual office with running electricity, internet, office furnishings, and telephone lines.

Team Fame provides state-of-the-art fully furnished virtual office spaces for businesses anywhere in the world. With us, you are provided a space that lives up to an international standard yet reducing your maintenance costs multiple folds. Our business consulting service ensure that you receive assistance in Visa services, banking, trade licenses, attestations, PRO support, labour services and much more. A virtual office can open avenues to a larger presence in the UAE through offshore offices, presence in the Free Trade Zones or even a Mainland company. Our virtual offices provide: unlimited wifi, ultra modern meeting rooms, lounges, and other facilities, dedicated helpdesk etc. that fits the needs of any modern business.  

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