A trade license is an official document issued by the government that informs what kind of businesses a particular company can engage in in UAE. Several business activities are recognized and allowed by the government of UAE. All these activities are broadly categorized into 4 trade licenses:

Commercial Trade License

Industrial Trade License

Professional Trade License

General Trade License

These licenses are further allocated based on whether the company is being floated in Mainland, Freezone or Offshore.

Stages of acquiring a trade licence:

1. Select a unique name for your business 2. Define the business activities 3. Choose the legal structure of the business 4. Submit the application 5. Initial approval by Department of Economic Development 6. Get a business address (Physical premises) 7. Get additional approvals depending on the business type 8. Prepare all necessary documents 9. Pay licensing fee 10. Trade license approval

Team Fame provides exhaustive services in assisting organizations acquire a suitable trade license. Usually a certain amount of documentation and groundwork needs to be put in to carry on this process. Our team of executives are well versed with the law and documentation required for the application process in this regard. Our years of experience help in reducing the turnaround time and making the process swifter.

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