Several foreign national individuals have stayed in UAE for a long time, worked for many years, and contributed to the growth and development of the country. UAE has launched Retirement Visa in 2018 for such individuals if they wish to stay in UAE for long. This retirement scheme is for individuals above the age of 55. This visa allows them to stay in UAE for long term. The following requirements must be met for the eligibility:

The applicant must have AED 20,000 monthly income, or 1 million in savings, or AED 2 million worth of property The applicant must have a legitimate health insurance policy

The visa will automatically get renewed after every 5 years if the visa criteria are met during renewal time too. The retirement visa is valid for the individual, the spouse and children. The retirement visa is an easy process provided the eligibility criteria are met. We help the individual in assessment, documentation, and application process for the same.

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