Industrial Licenses

Any company that conducts activities that involve production of goods or manufacturing needs to obtain an industrial license in UAE. When a raw material of any kind is processed in a factory to produce a finished product it is termed as a manufacturing process. When this manufactured product is sold for a profit it transforms into a business. Such businesses in UAE can operate only with an industrial license. All the allied activities like sorting, distribution, and packaging will also fall under the industrial license bandwidth. These activities can be many and can be catergorised into several heads like: Manufacturing of wood products and furniture Meat processing Tyre manufacturing Home appliances manufacturing Plastic industries Ship building Tobacco products Fertilizers Engine manufacturing Food industry Medical equipment Glass industry Manufacture of gold and precious stones cutting Petroleum products

The Department of Economic Development issues the industrial license. As the license involves a specific manufacturing process, the company needs to obtain relevant documents from the specific industry in which the business concentrates. Hence, obtaining industrial license is a slightly longer process involving more groundwork. The license application must detail the plan, business objectives, manpower plans, business forecast, and specific business processes too. The company is given a six month period upon issuance of the license to build the necessary infrastructure to start manufacturing. Another permission from DED needs to be obtained once the infrastructure is ready. In Industrial license the norms, regulations and compliance is strict and the company has to provide all necessary details regarding compliance and keep the books of records proper.

Though the process for obtaining industrial license is long and tedious, Team Fame can assist your business in every stage of the way. We have an elite team for industrial license processing and documentation alone. We work along with the clients in every stage and ensure that all applications and paperwork are complete in every regard. Our legal and compliance team scrutinises and provides advice at crucial phases of the application.

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