In 2019, UAE introduced Golden Visa for people who aspire to live in UAE for a longer period of time. Golden Visa offers more possibilities and opportunities in UAE for such people. Golden Visa is a resident visa that gives people a better status in UAE. This system allows foreigners to live and work in UAE without a sponsor. These are issued for 5 or 10 years that are renewable without a sponsor. Such people can live and work freely in UAE without worrying about losing residence visa status. The category of people who are provided Golden Visa include: investors, entrepreneurs, specially talented people, artists etc. This unique policy is expected to boost the business and art field and more contribution to national development.

Applying for Golden Visa is a easy process though many documents have to be submitted including trade license, MOA, Audit report, Bank Statement, Health Insurance etc. Team Fame assists in the necessary documentation, paperwork and filing to ensure that the process is completed quickly. Our team of experts will guide with the departments and authorities from where the approvals are to be obtained.

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