With the technological advances and the fast changing world of online media, new business avenues have come up that is transforming the world of business. Smaller traders and budding entrepreneurs have been able to make use of the diverse possibilities of internet to make a mark in business. E-trade has risen up to exponential heights in the recent past. People selling their products and services through social media and online avenues have provided a new dimension to business. This has prompted the government of UAE in 2017 to bring E-trading under a single window. The Department of Economic Development issues E-Trader licenses to all who like to promote and sell their products or services in UAE through the internet. This license helps a trader to have an authenticity to their business. 

Benefits of E-Trader license:

Allows entrepreneurs to sell their products through social media platforms and other channels of the internet. Helps customers to identify fake products and promotions. Trader with an E-Trader license can attend any promotional shows, exhibitions, and workshops conducted by DED. Helps traders in branching out their business online quickly with a stamp of authenticity. Helps traders to enter the usual trading route in the future with an established E-Trading structure.

Team Fame helps young entrepreneurs, artists, and traders working from home to establish their online business by getting an E-Trader license. Trade name reservation, age proof, invoice copy of fee paid for license are some of the basic documents required for the process. For registering in the DED website, fee payment, and even license renewal, we can assist you in the entire process. E-Trader license is just like setting up a new physical company. Though it has lesser documentation than the latter but it is equally important and considered just as a company that trades online.

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