Company Liquidation means closing down of a company. At the time of liquidation of a company the formalities require some amount of documentation and paperwork, de-registration, and involves timely filing and liaising with the right departments. Liquidation process is important just like the company incorporation process. A company can go into liquidation either because it has been functional yet going into losses or debts, or because it has not been functional for some time.

Team Fame has experts who have managed liquidation process with least hassles. A specific set of formalities are to be followed and documentations have to be precise for the liquidation process to go through and the business to have a smooth exit. The debt recovery, disinvestment etc also need to be looked into. Due diligence is to be ensured and coordination with proper authorities to be maintained. Documents required for companies in the Free Zone are different from an offshore or mainland company. We have a panel of experts to guide in this process and a team that enables the ground work and documentation in this regard.  

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