Opening a bank account is the most basic and important requirement to conducting a business in UAE. If you are new to business or a startup we assist you with the process by reducing your time and paperwork. It is essential to know what documents are needed to open a corporate bank account and a personal bank account. Our services in this regard are in three areas. Firstly, working together with you to assess your business operations, future financial plans and targets, and document readiness. Secondly, we liaise with the bank with regard to the documentation, processing formalities, specific requirements from the clients etc. Thirdly, we help in the documentation and paperwork before the account opening process is completed.

The following documents are required for opening a corporate bank account:

Company Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) Certificate of Incorporation Ownership documents and the corporate structure of the company Planned businesses and activities of the company Detailed business experience of the owners of the company Information and documents on source of funds that are brought in as investment into the company.

Team Fame has specialized team dedicated for bank account opening assistance. We understand the initial days in business are the most difficult. We ensure that opening a bank account does not take away valuable time from your business and the process is completed at the earliest.

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