Attestation gives legal validity to documents to some extent. In UAE it is mandatory that any document submitted to the government for various processes needs to be attested. When documents are submitted by citizens of another country who are temporary residents in UAE or working in UAE, the attestation of the documents becomes a complicated and long procedure that involves the embassy and foreign affairs ministry too. Company documents like, MOA (Memorandum of Association), Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Trade License, Partnership Agreements, Company Board Resolutions, Power of Attorney etc. need to be attested when floating a new company in UAE.

Team Fame provides professional services in attestation. Our easy and streamlined channel ensures that faster attestation is done through Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various Embassies, Ministry of Labour, Chamber of Commerce etc. We also have an advisory and support panel of notary and legal consultants in our team who help in compliance and regulatory advice with regard to attestation services.

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